ODSI - On Demand Secure Isolation

Name ODSI  - On Demand Secure Isolation
Funded by
Celtic +
DGE in France
November 2015
Duration 36 months + 4 months extension
Countries Involved
Orange, France
France, Spain, Romania
Partners Industrial Partners: Orange, Nextel, Innovalia Association, Software Quality Systems, Ingeniera del Poliuretano-Flexible, BEIA Consult International
SME: Internet of Trust, CityPassenger, Prove and Run, Resonate
Academic: Université de Lille
Public links https://www.celticplus.eu/project-odsi/
Press release
Abstract The ODSI project defines a new security model with isolation mechanisms and a new certification methodology to evaluate systems.
IOTR contribution Leader of the security Work package which includes:
State of the art on Isolation properties and evaluation methodologies,
Security architecture design of the ODSI platform, 
Attack referential catalog of the ODSI platform, 
Protection profile essential of the ODSI platform.

Risk analysis on 5 uses cases using ODSI components:
Routers (CityPassenger),
Security Framework for Corporate mobile phone (Prove & Run), 
Airport Ground service vehicle management (Resonate),
Agriculture (BEIA),
Scada platform (IPF).

The Lego evaluation methodology which is an industry-oriented approach for the evaluation of systems consisting of heterogeneous multi-purpose components.

IOTR Publications 2016: L’embarqué – Internet of Trust apporte services et conseil pour la sécurité des objets connectes
2017: Connect Security World – Participation to a roundtable on IoT
2018: ICCC Conference – Robustness Propagation Through Systems of Heterogeneous CC Components