2IdO - Industrial Internet of Operators and Objects

Name 2IDO Internet Industriel Des Objets et des Opérateurs (Industrial Internet of Operators and Objects)
Funded by
GDN Project
BPI in France
January 2017
30 months
Partners Industrial Partners: Altran, Arkema, Total, Orano, Framatome, ArianeGroup.
SME : Idosens (Wika), Internet of Trust, Prove & Run.
Academics/Research Labs : CEA-LIST, LAAS-CNRS.
Press Release 2IdO Press Release
Abstract Internet democratization and the arrival of new communication techniques between objects, machines, and operators are revolutionizing the world. 2IdO is an integral part of this revolution, providing a non-intrusive, economically-accessibleglobal communication system, based on a new generation of sensors and gateways, as well as on a wireless network, enhanced by new security and energy recovery solutions. 2IdO aims to offer:
An improved indoor and outdoor geolocation solution (2IdO Loc);
Increased machine productivity(2IdO Perf);
An ergonomics optimization solution that decreases the risk of work accidents and health issues (2IdO Ergo);
A predictive maintenance solution decreasing the number of malfunctions and machinery breakdowns(2IdO Predict).Relying on a single communication platform, 2IdO provides an innovative network protocol based on the LoRa technology and using a free and internationally compatible frequency band. 2IdO is innovative because it is:
Adaptable to different industrial environments and constraints;
Non-intrusive (lightweight infrastructure at a minimum cost);
Intelligent from an energy performance point of view;
Highly secure (globally addressed security, multiple security classes).

The 2IdO project brings together major industrial groups and state-of-the-art companies and research labs. The use cases are specified and validated by the industrial groups to ensure the solution’s real-world adequacy.

IOTR contribution Risk analysis of 2IdO architectures as used for the ergonomics, geolocation, predictive maintenance, and performance optimization use cases.

Security classes definition meant to answer different industrial needs.

IOTR Publications 2018: SIdO round table “New worldwide industrial IoT standard: 2IdO. For géolocalisation, ergonomy and predictive maintenance”, April 5th 2018, Lyon – France