R&D Projects


Current market trends in embedded electronics demand more and more complex and trusted systems. The traditional methods for reaching this level of trust are intense testing and evaluation and updating such a system (when adding new functionality, correcting bugs or changing hardware or software components) requires the whole system to be tested again as the updates may introduce new weaknesses. This is a real problem in some sectors, such as the automotive industry, one of the European Union's economy strategic pillars. The ODSI project will deliver new security models with the properties and the benefits of both hardware and software approaches. These models will focus on minimal properties for isolation, with the goal of being used in mass production (low-cost and constrained CPU) in all approaches that require context isolation: M2M, IoT, network infrastructure sharing, etc.

ODSI is Celtic-Plus Project: an industry-driven European research initiative to define, perform and finance through public and private funding common research projects in the area of telecommunications, new media, future Internet, and applications & services focusing on a new "Smart Connected World" paradigm. Celtic-Plus is a EUREKA ICT cluster and is part of the inter-governmental EUREKA network.

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The 2IDO project will implement in an integrated way the complete chain "collect / transport / organize / process / analyze" in an industrial environment while securing the data coming from machines, objects or men for a global and optimized management. The challenge that 2IDO will have to solve will be to provide: A solution adapted and standardized by the actors of the French and European industry, an innovative wireless communication network based on a 2.4 GHz Lora physical layer, making it possible to overcome the constraints of current networks in terms of cost, maintainability, ease of deployment in existing factories (non-intrusive), end-to-end data security, protection against malicious attacks, global coverage, bidirectionality of data transfers, management of more than 100,000 objects, network availability and / or low latency, accuracy of the location.

As part of 2IDO, four  industrial use cases have been identified and will be implemented on a single communication platform, "La Forge". These use cases will be carried by large industrial groups including Orano, Framatome, TOTAL, ArianeGroup and ARKEMA to ensure its performance and durability.

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The high-level goal of SECREDAS is to develop software for validating architecting methodologies, reference architectures, components and suitable integration, as well as verification approaches for automated systems in different domains. These will combine high security and privacy protection while preserving functional-safety and operational performance. SECREDAS aims at developing and enhancing trustworthiness, particularly for the future European transportation and medical industries. This will help to make connected and automated vehicles a reality, and ensure that European Original Equipment Manufactures (OEM) remain competitive and can maintain their world leading position. In addition, SECREDAS addresses cross-domain cybersecurity and safety related technologies in the areas of medical, railway & aerospace automated systems, and supports cross-domain actions.

SECREDAS brings together a consortium with partners covering the whole automotive value chain (OEMs, TIER1’s, TIER2’s), key players in the medical area and other transport domains (railways, aerospace), and key research institutes in order to tackle the objectives in a balanced way between generic common offerings and domain-specific solutions.

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