Research and innovation are in the DNA of Internet of Trust. Our team members have a research background and possess the right skills and knowledge to build on and improve the state-of-the-art on their domains of expertise and to deliver useful and efficient innovations.

Internet of Trust is open to participate in innovative collaborative research projects. If you would like to discuss a new collaborative project, please contact us.

Read more about our projects SECREDAS, 2IdO and ODSI.

SECREDAS – Product SEcurity for CRoss Domain REliable Dependable Automated Systems

The goal of SECREDAS is to develop software for validating architecting methodologies, reference architectures, components and suitable integration, as well as verification approaches for automated systems in different domains. These will combine high security and privacy protection while preserving functional-safety and operational performance. SECREDAS aims at developing and enhancing trustworthiness, particularly for the future European transportation and medical industries. The SECREDAS partnership covers the whole automotive value chain (OEMs, TIER1’s, TIER2’s), key players in the medical area and transport domains (railways, aerospace), and key research institutes. We are working on:

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SECREDAS is an ECSEL project 

2IdO – Industrial Internet of Things and Operators

The 2IDO project focuses on the complete IoT chain for “collecting / transporting / organizing / processing / analyzing” as deployed in an industrial environment for securing the data coming from machines, objects or men. The challenges range from usage of an innovative wireless communication network based on a 2.4 GHz LoRa physical layer, to the design of efficient energy management, the development of secure sensor and gateway platforms and intrusion detection systems, and the definition of security analysis methods. Our work:

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2IdO is a GDN French Project, see 2IdO Press Release

ODSI – On Demand Secure Isolation

The ODSI project aims to provide the lowest common subset of software and hardware that can guaranty the isolation property. It defines a new security model based on isolation mechanisms and a new certification methodology to evaluate systems.  Our work:

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ODSI is a CELTIC+ Project (see project website)