Internet of Trust is a leader in cybersecurity consulting and certification for complex connected systems: Embedded, Internet of Things (IoT), industrial, Cloud/Edge.

Our founders started the company in 2014 in Paris and participate actively in cybersecurity global organizations to set future standards. We bring expertise in the highest levels of security, all the way up to formal methods.

We work with security certification labs/bodies, semiconductor/IP owners, telecom providers, industrial OEMs – in sectors such as payment, identity, automotive, industrial systems, 5G, mobile security and secure components technologies (e.g., SoC, TEE, MCU).

Typical services include cybersecurity support, risk analysis, evaluation support for schemes such as Common Criteria, definition of security evaluation and certification schemes and profiles, certification services and professional training.

Join a small, experienced, innovative, fast-growing and fun team!

Cybersecurity consultant position

At Internet of Trust, you will be part of a team of experts and work from the beginning on real projects in close interaction with our customers and partners.

Depending on your experience, you are expected to participate in and/or technically lead activities such as:

  • The definition of security requirements (e.g. protection profiles) and evaluation methodologies for products, systems or services,
  • The definition, set-up and/or operation of evaluation and certification schemes,
  • The security certification of products for several schemes,
  • Customer support to build their cybersecurity processes: awareness, risk analysis and certification strategy.

You will also participate in the growth of our training portfolio, deliver professional training and contribute to standardization and R&D projects.

We are recruiting 3 consultants for this role. This opens more opportunities and diverse profiles.


Applicants shall hold an Engineering degree, a Master’s degree or a PhD.

Applicants shall have 5+ years of experience in hardware & software product security, communication equipment or 5G/6G security related topics, Cloud services, through activities such as risk analysis, vulnerability analysis, pentesting, security architecture, auditing, selection/implementation of security countermeasures, academic research, European or international standardization.

Some experience in any of the following areas or standards is a plus: cryptography, formal methods, static analysis, information securityISO 27001, international evaluation schemes such as the Common Criteria, ISO/IEC 17025, ISO/IEC 17065, and vertical cybersecurity standards for Automotive (ISO/SAE 21434) or industrial components (ISA/IEC 62443).

Experience and connections with the EU certification ecosystem, labs and certification authorities is also appreciated.

The position requires excellent technical writing skills and fluency in English, the ability to adapt to customer context and to work on several projects in parallel.


Total package 60-85k€ depending on experience, including a mix of salary and bonus.


To apply, please send your CV and cover letter to .